Suzy Mae

Only OK in LA ≈ Postcards


Only OK in LA is a collection of statements that are perfectly acceptable in the city of Angels. And that’s hella sick. Namaste.

Each of these postcards is 8.5" s 5.5' and thick enough to mail. You'll get ten black-and-white designs in one pack.

  • I'm an intern, but also a CEO.
  • I've been thirty for eight years.
  • That's exactly what my crystal guy says.
  • Real friends share blow.
  • Driving across town is really straining our relationship.
  • Not sure if this is an earthquake or the indica.
  • My hypnotherapist doesn't want me to get acupuncture anymore.
  • I'll have you know: my dog is a fantastic actor.
  • Because it's charity, he'll do it for 20K.
  • I ask all my writing partners to sign this.